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Whether it’s a make-up or I-miss-you sex, it is not just a good way to connect with a spouse or special someone. Science proved that doing the deed can provide you more benefits such as:

#1 It sheds off calories.

According to research conducted by the University of Quebec, they evaluated 21 heterosexual couples whose average is 22. It unleashed that most women eliminate about 69.1 calories when having sex for almost 25 minutes. It spikes up when you’re on the top, having an orgasm or doing the squat position. Dr. Sherry Ross stated that the act of sexual intimacy is a good exercise to add to your routine.

#2 It improves your immune system

Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.D., a renowned sexual health expert said that sexually active individuals tend to have lesser sick days. Frequent sex produces higher counts of antibodies which protect our body against viruses, germs and other foreign intruders.  A study from Wilkes University situated  in Pennsylvania figured out that students who get laid once or even twice weekly rarely get sick than those who haven’t had.

#3 It can act as a natural painkiller.

Moreover, constricting genital muscles can create a pleasurable feeling which can lessen the discomfort of joint pain, headaches and menstrual cramps as per sex experts. In addition to that, monitoring your sexual cycle as well as having an orgasm prior to your first period can greatly help you avoid crippling discomfort.

#4 It can improve bladder control of women

To prevent incontinence, it is vital to have a strong pelvic floor. Incontinence is known for affecting roughly 30% of women. Sex can be a good workout for the pelvic floor muscles. Once you’ve reached orgasm, it leads to contractions in these muscles, making them stronger.

#5 It has the ability to boost your mental health.

As per Vanessa Mariin, a sex therapist, making love can release oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. It can lessen stress and anxiety and encourage the feeling of closeness.

#6 It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Dr. David Weeks, a neuropsychologist based in the UK, asked over 3,500 individuals in 2013 regarding with their sex lives for more than 10 years. What’s the result? He discovered that people who have healthy sex lives appear like 7 years younger than their age than those individuals who don’t get between the sheets. He also believes that it’s all because of the endorphins, which eliminates stress and enhance circulation. It also generates human growth hormone that aids in promoting skin elasticity.

#7 It aids insomniac people sleep better.

Having a hard time sleeping due to insomnia? Fear not because sex is here to help you nod off quickly.  Sheenie Ambardar, MD, a psychiatrist in California explained that after having an orgasm, prolactin would be released, making you feel sleepy and relaxed.

#8 It stimulates your libido

Are you insatiable when it comes to sex? Having more of it will boost your libido based on what Lauren Streicher, an assistant clinical professor based in Chicago. Women will experience improvement in elasticity, vaginal lubrication and blood flow with more sex.


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