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Great sex gives great mood. The feeling of satisfaction against all the imperfections can satisfy the needs of someone. Basically sex moods can be driven from the food we eat or how we eat it. There are a lot of factors to be considered when you think of erection, sex performance and the like. It can be caused by smoking, poor heart health and certain medications and the major mood destroyer is the crappy diet. All the foods you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat can mess up your key players to supercharge your sex life (energy levels, blood flow and hormones).

Come to think of it, there are a lot of foods on how you can help your sex drive to be on its best. Food, as I’ve said can help you to boost your testosterone up and your libido reach its peak. Eating habits really affect the timeline of your sexual activities. Indeed, here are some ways on how our diet destroys our sex life:

  1. Eating too much crap


This habit really affects the sex drive of a person and eating too much fat can aggravate the issue. A saying goes like “A healthy heart equal healthy sex” proves that a bed romance session needs to have a good stamina and requires endurance. Say for example, we have a heart disease, like clogged arteries it can actually ruin the blood flow that can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Obese man has a possibility of lower level of testosterone.


  1. Alcoholic drink is too much


Some of us are aware that alcohol is a depressant so meaning it can numb the feelings of sexual stimulation and alter the blood flow in an out your penis (for men). It might also causes your mood down and can dip the testosterone while raising the estrogen levels which weaken your libido. It also made you hard to produce an orgasm.


  1. Indulging yourself to sweets


Another way to improve our sex drive is by means of sugar or sweets, but most probably it can be a killer on a few facades. It lowers the libido by reducing testosterone level (for men). Diets that are high in sugar, based from studies, are going to impact the overall cardiovascular health. Thus, too much sweet can crap out your sex life.


  1. Giant portion eating: At its best!


Making your plate overflowing with all the foods present on the table figuratively and pragmatically speaking can slow you down in bed. It doesn’t gain you weight alone, but it is more of setting you up for a major energy slump. Bigger amount of fats and carbs among the food you eat makes the blood sugar higher. Therefore a greater production of insulin occurs which made you tired even more. This means your partner might find it hard to have this bed session on you.


  1. Switching to vegan


Vegetables and fruits is a one good example of foods that should be eaten daily. A vegan person chooses to eat leafy vegetables but this diet can have some unintended consequences. Vitamin D which helps the genital functions worthy, cutting out of meat will lead you to Vitamin D deficiency that may causes erectile dysfunction.


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