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Celebrities Who Made Amateur Porn Movies

Celebrities Who Made Amateur Porn Movies

Celebrities are some of the most sought after figures in the world. No matter what kind of star they are, famous people attract immediate attention wherever they go. Pornography is also something which is very popular. Millions of people spend hours each day online or somewhere else, viewing porn. It could be animated porn GIFs or adult videos. Regardless of the type, how or where they watch it, the numbers of those who do so are astronomical. When you combined both porn and celebrities, there is no greater two which attract more interest. Perhaps that explains why celebrity sex tapes are so popular. And why some celebrities make amateur porn movies.

With the explosion of mobile devices and computers, the amount of people viewing porn has continued to grow each year. At the same time, the thirst for celebrity nude pics, celebrity sex tapes and hot celeb sex images has also increased. Several famous stars have taken it upon themselves to record their sexual experiences. In other instances, the partner they were with recorded the sex acts. Yet somehow, the celebrity sex tapes ended up being leaked online for all to see.

Although some celebrities who had their sex tapes leaked online never wanted it done, others relished the extra attention. In fact, there are some like Paris Hilton who actually enjoyed the notoriety their infamous sex acts on tape brought them. Below is a list of names of celebrities who made amateur porn movies. Though some may argue that these are not actual porn movies, they are of the celebrities having sex. That in itself constitutes a pornography video.

Pamela Anderson –

For years, Fans spend hours drooling over Pam Anderson in her show Baywatch. As she strutted in a bathing suit, viewers loved seeing Pam’s big boobs jump up and down. They also enjoyed her hot body and gorgeous face. Luckily for fans, they finally got to see Miss Anderson not only nude, but having sex on tape. Pam and her ex husband rocker Tommy Lee made a sex tape while on their honeymoon. The couple’s sex acts were caught on tape and leaked on the internet. It became a huge sensation. Then again in 2005, Pam had another sex tape leaked online. This time, it was with Bret Michaels.

Kim Kardashian –

No celebrity has profited more from her sex tape than reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Before she became a household name and one of the highest paid reality TV stars, Kim was just another pretty face. But once her ex boyfriend Ray J leaked their sex tape online, it turned her into a mega star. Today, Kim K. has millions of followers on social media and constantly posts nude sex pics or naked selfies of herself.

Tyson Beckford –

The famous male model once masturbated in a chat room. The incident was captured on film and people tried to sell it online. Yet no one really bought the sex tape or masturbation recording. Still, the controversy led to a lot of publicity for the former Ralph Lauren model.

Paris Hilton –

No one could ever accuse Paris Hilton of leaking her celebrity sex tape for money. After all, she is heir to one of the biggest hotel franchises in the world. Nonetheless, Paris wanted attention and stardom which is probably why she allowed her sex tape to be leaked. Still, no one expected that seeing Miss Hilton having sex on tape would turn her into a famous celebrity.

Amanda Seyfried –

Although you don’t actually get to see Amanda Seyfried having real sex, there are several tapes of her floating around the web. They contain some of her hacked sex pictures where you can see her nude. In addition, you also get to see Amanda sucking on her boyfriend’s penis.

Carolyn Murphy –

The Project Runway All Stars host had a sex tape of her and a boyfriend leaked online. The guy who recorded the celebrity sex tape was actually arrested for attempting to sell the sex tape. But, that still did not stop the celebrity porn video from making its way on to the web.

Farrah Abraham –

The former Teen Mom celebrity apparently wanted money and attention. That may explain why she recorded a sex tape for a porn company. Unlike other amateur celebrity sex tapes, this one was a paid x-rated professional porn movie.

Kendra Wilkinson –

People recognize Kendra Wilkinson from her reality TV show and as a former playboy model. The hot and pretty blond is also famous on the web for a freaky sex video. It made its way online and many people got to see her have sex with an old boyfriend.

Colin Farrell –

Colin did everything he could to stop a sex tape of him and Nicole Narain from being made public. However, all turned out to be for nothing since Nicole leaked it online anyway. People can see Colin’s 13 minute sex tape easily now.

Hulk Hogan –

The popular and well-recognized WWE pro wrestler Hulk Hogan got caught on tape. He was having sex with another woman who was not his wife, but the spouse of a friend. The whole thing led to a lawsuit against a magazine who published it where Hogan won. Still, the celebrity sex tape became another controversial porn piece for viewers to enjoy.